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Mission Excellence Global ImpactWe do more than just build cutting edge technologies. We create high-paying technology jobs in Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZone). We forge partnerships with national corporations and nonprofits to solve real problems and foster teamwork and economic growth in our community. We take bold steps to bring literary works to life. And, we work tirelessly to make the technological dreams of the future our reality today.

The Wisemen Company, Business Consultant, Atlanta, GA

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Reactance Theaters™

There is a reason the Wisemen Company is a leader in technology. Our journey started more than 10 years ago with a simple idea--make a better television. Since then, the vision has grown. Learn more

Sumner House Publishing

A division of Wisemen Multimedia LLC. We publish fiction and non-fiction works from unique authors. View our catalog or submit your book for consideration. Learn more.

Halftime Youth Sports Network

Powered by Reactance Theaters® tech and volunteerism, our journalists highlight youth sports legends from around the world, including games, events, news, and more, simulcast to fans daily on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Surely, you know sports, but not like this.